Did you know…

It wasn’t that long ago that I read the statistics—70% of adults in the USA are overweight, and almost 40% of that 70% are obese, meaning their bodies are composed of 30% of body fat or higher. To top that off, when looking at the statistics of our children—30% of our children are overweight, and 18% are obese.*

Now, I’m a nurse. So reading things like this makes me really want to deep dive into the “Why?” Maybe it is the inner nerd in me or the fact that we were taught to identify the problem or the symptoms that was “out of the norm” and help determine what could be the cause. Either way, these statistics are alarming. And each year it seems like those numbers keep climbing. I have also personally seen my patients come in at higher and higher weights. The need for special beds to accommodate a person’s weight wasn’t even a thing not too long ago. But now it has become a norm on most hospital units and those beds are often filled.

I want to be really clear on this—I really don’t care how much you weigh. Yep, I said it. I don’t care! But what I do care about is…

  • Chronic diseases that are tied to these weights are getting worse each year.

  • More and more women can’t figure out why they can’t get pregnant.

  • More and more people can’t figure out why they are addicted to food.

  • More and more women are losing their confidence in their own bodies.

  • More and more parents are getting frustrated because they don’t know how to feed their families.

  • More and more women are wanting a quick fix and are stuck because those quick fixes work and then they go right back to their old habits and the weight comes back too!

  • There are too many saying, “I need something fast” instead of saying, “I need something to last!”

  • Our children are growing up in a ‘diet’ laden society where there is so much confusion and they are being taught how to eat for nourishment. Instead they are pushed to treat themselves to their fave treats when happy and ice cream will help when you’re sad.

No, I really don’t care about that exact number on the scale. But I do care about whether or not you can walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded. I care about your kids asking you to play with them and you having the energy to do so. I care about the quality of life you are living and whether or not your health is impacting it. I care about whether or not you know enough about nutrition to teach your kids what a good healthy diet looks like and how good we can feel if we take care of our bodies.

What is even scarier than those statistics is that fad diets and other junk that are constantly being thrown our way. It is no wonder the majority of us have no clue what a good, balanced diet looks like!


What is a Nutrition Mentorship & why do one?

A Nutrition Mentorship is exactly as it sounds. As a Certified Nutrition Mentor and Master Coach, I help guide you, mentor if you will, through a nutrition program of your choice that is designed to cut out the fad diets and quick fixes and actually teach you how to nourish you body! These programs are put together by experts in the health and nutrition realm. Each program is video guided to help you understand how to make changes to your nutrition. I work right along side you to answer questions, help meal planning, introduce you to a supportive community, keep you on track as you work through those first days/weeks of learning and fully implementing the knowledge you will be gaining to make this a true lifestyle.

Now, why will this benefit you? Let’s be frank, you are too busy to sift through all the fad info pushed at you on how you should eat and truly, all quick fixes work. So you could try what your neighbor or sister in law’s friend tried and it will probably work…until you find that it isn’t maintainable long term and when you quit the changes you saw will go right back. I don’t want you to keep doing that. OR you could take on a nutrition program that more of an educational class that truly EDUCATES you! Knowledge is power. And this kind of knowledge will help you TAKE CONTROL of your nutrition.

PLUS-doing a mentorship with me is crazy CONVENIENT for you! You can do this from your own home and have the option to choose what kind of mentorship will work best for you from setting up weekly one on one calls, to working within a small group, to moving through the program with a larger group guidance, to being 100% independent and doing this on your own with availability to me if needed. You get to customize this experience to YOU!

Your Nutrition Program Options

To help you through this Nutrition Mentorship I have two options that I will break down for you to help you decide which is best to suit your needs. Option 1-2B Mindset and Option 2-Ultimate Portion Fix.

Both of these programs are new and yet what they teach you is what has worked for numerous people for years! They both implement focusing on eating predominately whole foods and making sure that you are tailoring your nutrition to your specific needs. But they are very different programs.

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Ok, let’s break down.

Below you can see the main points that encompass each program and a material comparison. Truly, with either of these programs you WILL get results with both – assuming you follow them!! So let me just take away the pressure of feeling like only one will work for you. Both have the same results in balanced, fuel based nutrition but they simply take 2 different approaches. Here is an overview of the differences between them.

Ultimate Portion Fix focuses on providing specific portion-control containers to measure out food (“external control”) backed up by an entire ecosystem of videos, tools, and written self-reflection exercises. It teaches people what and how much to eat to achieve a healthy, balanced diet in order to effectively lose and maintain their weight. The goal is to get people to rethink how and what they eat, and to finally take control of their nutrition.

2B Mindset takes a less prescriptive approach. With simple, effective nutrition strategies, knowledge of behavior patterns, plate-visualization methods, and acquired self-awareness tools (“internal control”), the 2B Mindset teaches people how to change their mindset toward food so they can achieve their goal weight.

Primary Differences & Similarities

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Program Material Comparison

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Which one is for you? Here is a short quiz to help you decide!

  1. Will you be consistent about tracking every thing you eat if it gives you flexibility in your diet?

    (Yes = 2B Mindset, No = UPF)

  2. Are you comfortable eyeballing your portions? 

    (Yes = 2B Mindset, No = UPF)

  3. Do you thrive on flexibility in your diet or structure? 

    (Flexibility = 2B Mindset, Structure =UPF)

  4. Do you use like to make up your own recipes or follow guided recipes?

    (Make up your own = easier on 2B Mindset, Guided = UPF)

  5. Do you like to eat smaller amounts MORE times throughout the day?

    (Yes = UPF, No = 2B Mindset)

  6. Do you want to get SHREDDED?

    (Yes = UPF, No = 2B Mindset)

  7. Do you have a Sugar Addiction??

    (Yes = UPF, No = 2B Mindset)

  8. Do you really like vegetables?

    (Yes = 2B Mindset, Not so much = UPF)

  9. Do you LOVE to feel FULL and eat 3 bigger meals a day?

    (Yes = 2B Mindset, No = UPF)

  10. A few questions to ask yourself are:
    Which appeals to you most??

    Are you ready for a change or bored with the what you are doing right now and need a change? (Maybe it is time to SHAKE IT UP!)

    WHY?? WHY do you want to do this, and WHAT are your GOALS??

Which are you leaning towards?

For me there is NOT A ONE SIZE FITS ALL PLAN!!! 

ALL “Plans” work, the key is figuring out what is going to work for YOU LONG TERM!! There is no harm in educating yourself about both before deciding the one to implement into your life for the long term!