Happy women are the prettiest women!


Welcome to the MomBodNation!

We celebrate happy, healthy (read: NOT PERFECT!), balanced lifestyles and self love around here! If you are looking to have just that, you are in the right spot!! So happy to have you joining us!

Though not all of my clients are mothers, many are or they act in the role of being a momma in some way to those they love! Motherhood is a journey with its rewarding highs and heartbreaking lows. Raising our darlings can pull out the worst in us and also cause us to love harder than we ever knew possible! Often that hard love brings out some of those worst parts where we put ourselves last in line for care as we fulfill a lie that becoming a mom also means everyone and everything else comes first. We sometimes forget who we really are and lose sight of how amazing that person is! But with the grace of God and a little support, we are blessed with the most sanctifying love for our families and we can also have that love for ourselves and our bodies!

I’m Cyndal and I can’t wait to get to know you better!


At the end of the day I am the only one who can give them a happy mom who loves life!


Working on loving yourself (body and all!) a little Bit more?



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Let me ask you something—if you had to choose between a quick fix that may get you the physical results you are looking for in a short amount of time or taking a slightly longer route where you found a fitness regimen and nutrition plan to help you take care of yourself physically and mentally long term, what would you choose?

No brainer, right?! The second option! Aren’t you sick of the quick fixes that cause you to lose your results as fast as you got them? This is why I want to show you some different ways to care for yourself, ways that work! And instead of leaving you disappointed, they help you have a healthier relationship with food!!

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